Discover Montreal in a New Light – Non-native French Speakers : July (ISA) | In person

Summer matinée

Montréal is a creative city filled with cultural resources and sites to discover. 

Enjoy learning a language in a friendly environment with people from various backgrounds and get acquainted with them while discovering Montréal.  

Our teachers’ passion for guiding you as you learn a foreign language, in addition to their knowledge of Montréal and desire to show you around the city, will be front and centre of the language courses upcoming in the summer of 2023.  

Our immersion courses are offered for three weeks in July or August.  

You can also combine them for a 6 weeks experience : 

  • French-French | ISA in-person classes + ISB in-person classes
  • English-French | ISA in-person classes + ISB in-person classes


Target audience

18 years and up

*whose mother tongue is not French.

Levels available

Pre-A1 (Beginner) to C1 (Advanced) Level

*Mandatory placement test

Type of course

In person **
Maximum of 12 participants


July 10 to July 28, 2023


50 h
3 weeks

Teaching materials

Practical and interactive exercises

This intensive program will allow you to begin learning or deepen your knowledge of French using a rich and varied thematic approach based on sociocultural situations.  

Throughout the course, you will use all four (4) language skills:  

  • Reading 
  • Writing 
  • Listening 
  • Speaking  

Verbal communication is key in any language immersion. You will enjoy a rich and varied experience to enhance your vocabulary and improve your knowledge of grammar, with an emphasis on pronunciation.  

Language workshops in the heart of Montréal 

These workshops are a chance to discover and explore various aspects of Montréal’s socio-cultural fabric and to see all that the city has to offer by introducing participants to its artists, museums, neighbourhoods and food.  

Typical schedule*

WEEK 19h 30 à 12 h9 h à 16 h9 h à 12 h9 h à 12 h9 h à 12 h
WEEK 29 h à 12 h9 h à 12 h 309 h à 14 h 309 h à 12 h9 h à 12 h 30
WEEK 39 h à 12 h9 h à 12 h9 h à 12 h9 h à 12 h10 h à 11 h
Quebec Province is currently on Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)


Training fees : Starting from 825$CAD

+ mandatory placement test
+ teaching materials
+ applicable taxes