Learn a language


For reference, those taking part in a public training course should expect the following costs:   

  • Course fee ($320 + fees)
  • Registration fee  
  • Placement test 
  • Teaching materials  
  • Applicable taxes 

Applicable taxes 

  • Registration fee – GST and QST 
  • Educational materials – GST  (Only for Spanish courses)
  • Spanish class – GST and QST 

English and French courses are non-taxable.  


  • 5% applicable if two (2) programs are on the same registration form 
  • 15% for UQAM students, graduates, employees and retirees upon presentation of supporting documentation. 

Methods of payment 

By credit card (Visa, Mastercard) 

Prices are in Canadian dollars. The currency conversion will be made on your credit card. 

Cancellation and refund policy  

Cancellation of a public training course by the Non-Credit Language Courses office 

The Non-Credit Language Courses office reserves the right to cancel any public training course without notice if there is an insufficient number of participants. This is the only case in which all costs will be refunded. 

Cancellation of a language course by the participant 

  • Prior to the registration deadline: registration and placement test fees are non-refundable.  
  • From the registration deadline until the day before the training begins: registration and placement test fees + 30% of the total cost of training are non-refundable. No reimbursement will be granted out of those dates.  

Exceptional measures for a refund

  • Training fees are refunded if the level of language proficiency required for a given course is not met. This level of language proficiency is determined by a placement test, if applicable, scheduled prior to the start of the course.
  • In case of illness: please send written proof from the attending physician by e-mail to the following address: languesnoncr@uqam.ca.

Change in course or level

  • Any request for a change in course or level must be communicated and clearly justified to the language instructor during the first class. 
  • If the request is accepted by the management, the change will be effective at the second course. 
  • No change in course or level will be granted thereafter. 

Tax receipt

The tax receipt is issued at the end of February following the year of the training. For example, if you took a course in 2020, the tax receipt will be issued in February 2021.

Certificate of participation  

Each participant will receive a transcript specifying the program’s general parameters.  

The Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition

UQAM’s Non-Credit Language Courses are a recognized body by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail (CPMT). The amounts invested in  the training activities are eligible under the law commonly known as the Skills Act.  (le nom de la loi doit être souligné)