English for Health Care Professionals (non-native speakers)

Fall Winter During afternoon During evening

Target audience

  • Students
  • Professionals

Level available

  • Intermediate*
  • Advanced intermediate*
  • Advanced*

* mandatory placement test

Type of course

Customized training
Maximum of 12 participants


According to needs


According to needs

Teaching materials

Practical and interactive exercises


This specialized course is intended for people working or studying in an English-speaking health care setting.

  • Establish initial contact with patients and co-workers
  • Understand a medical problem
  • Summarize a medical situation
  • Seek more information based on the description of symptoms by patients awaiting care
  • Formulate questions to pinpoint a variety of health problems
  • Reflect on appropriate matters to be addressed in sensitive medical situations

Educational approach

All topics addressed cover notions of vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. Group members will take part in several interactive activities simulating real-life situations in a medical setting. In this specific context, the group will be asked to practise the linguistic concepts discussed in class.

  • Theoretical presentation
  • Speaking exercises
  • Interactive activities
  • Role-playing and simulated exercises

To make participants aware of the importance of using precise language in medical settings, special attention will be paid to cultural issues.


Depending on the contractual agreement. For more information: languesnoncr@uqam.ca.