NEW | Consolidation workshops | French grammar

Spring During evening Online

Target audience

  • Individuals*
  • Students*
  • Professionals*

*whose mother tongue is French.

Levels available

Multilevel group

Type of course

Maximum of 12  participants


Spring 2024
Wednesdays, May 1st, 8 and 15
6 :00 – 9 :00 p.m.


9 hours
3 hours workshop/week

Teaching materials

Hands-on and interactive exercices


  • Improve the level of proficiency of the French language, for individuals who’s first language is French.
  • Review the nature and function of words in order to go over several of the following difficulties of the French language.

Workshop 1 - Conjugation 

  • modes and tenses
  • groups of verbs and endings
  • particularities and difficulties of certain conjugations
  • the sequence of tenses with the word “if” (“si”), particular subject-verb agreements

Workshop 2 - Relative pronouns and the agreement of the past participle

  • simple relative pronouns (« qui, que, quoi, dont, où »)
  • compound relative pronouns (« lequel, auquel, duquel » and their derivatives)
  • the choice of the preposition (sur lequel, avec laquelle...)
  • the agreement of the past participle (on its own, with "avoir", with "être", pronominal verbs)

Workshop 3 - Punctuation, homonyms and homophones, anglicisms and improprieties

  • the use of commas, periods, semi-colons, question marks, exclamation points, colons, suspension points
  • typographical spaces
  • capitalization, some homonyms and homophones
  • frequent anglicisms and common improprieties of the French language


+ $40 registration fees (non-refundable)